How to see deleted messages on whatsapp

It can be frustrating trying to figure out what’s behind those deleted messages on your Whatsapp chats.

I’m talking about those “This message was deleted” texts that appear after someone un-sends their message to you on WhatsApp.

This message was deleted

Once the message is deleted you can never see it again.

But rest assured, I found an easy way that has been helping me read all deleted messages in my WhatsApp chats, and I will share it with you in this article.

Let’s get right into it.

Go to Playstore and download Notisave

Head over to Playstore, search “Notisave“, install the app, then open it.

Open the Notisave app and run some quick settings

Before you can start using this app, you need to make some important settings, which are allowing notification access, allowing access to media/file storage and turning off blocked notifications for all apps.

1. Allow access to notifications

2. Turn off blocked notifications for all apps

Notisave blocks your notification by default. Turn off blocked notifications for all apps, so you can see all your notifications as you normally would.

View deleted WhatsApp messages

Whenever you receive a Whatsapp message that later gets deleted, head over to the Notisave app, look for the WhatsApp message section, select the contact you want to view their message and then click on it.

The original message you are looking for is always above the “This message was deleted” text.

And that’s all.

Note: you must receive the message as a notification or else you won’t see anything.


Notisave has ads in it, but it’s also a great app because you can also use it to download your status pictures and videos.

Is there any other WhatsApp trick you’ll like to know about? Ask me in the comments below.

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